An Artist With A Heart: Meenu Kumar, Director, Cosmo Arts India Gallery

Meenu Kumar likes to be identified as an artpreneur. An accomplished artist, whose heart also beats for the well-being of society, Ms Kumar is a well-known art curator, artist, art critic and social activist, all rolled into one. She runs New Delhi-based Cosmo Arts India Gallery, an NGO – Cos We Care – and is also vice-president for the Indian region of Oisca International, a Japanese NGO with consultative status with United Nations. With a PhD in multimedia, she has penned many books on the subject, including Passionate Pursuit of Visual Poetry, which she has co-authored with a British writer, Marlyn Rushtin. A feminist at heart, Ms Kumar also runs She Shakti movement to empower young and specially-abled women artists. In a freewheeling chat with Sharmila Chand, Ms Kumar opens up about her life, art and social work.


How do you define yourself?

A feminist artpreneur, social activist and artist committed to the cause of creativity


What is your philosophy of life?

There is no remote control for life; we must get up, and alter it ourselves. There is no right way for eating, loving, praying, or paying off debt. So, continue to experiment, until you find effective methods for yourself.


What is your passion in life?

Art and music are my passion. Performing and visual arts make me a complete person.


What is your management mantra? 

My management mantra is to embrace people, foster teamwork and dedication and give individuals wings to soar so that they may produce their best.


A business leader you admire the most…

I admire Ratan Tata because he is a brilliant management leader and caring human being.


Your source of inspiration…

My mother is my source of inspiration. She is a powerful person and the perfect mother one can dream of.


How do you de-stress?

By pursuing art and by serve the community


You are a tough, serious boss or…

I’m not a tough boss; instead, I’m a social activist who cares about everyone’s well-being.


What do you enjoy the most in life generally?

I enjoy painting, playing the piano, dancing, listening to good music, Yoga and swimming.


Your mantra for success…

Believe in yourself, and never give up.


Your dream…

My dream is to turn my aspirations into realities.


Ten years from now, where do we see you?

I envisage myself as an artpreneur with a difference on a worldwide stage. I aim to make Cosmo Arts India Gallery a global brand. I also want to expand my She Shakti mission by empowering women.

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