“Be At The Right Time With The Right People”: Sajeev Nair, Vieroots Wellness Solutions

It would not be exaggerating to say that Sajeev Nair, the chairman and founder of Vieroots Wellness Solutions, literally breathes marketing. The chief of Bengaluru-headquartered Vieroots, a health and wellness company, has over 20 years of experience in marketing wellness products and services.

Interestingly, Vieroots envisions a world where people are empowered to live long, healthy, fulfilling lives by taking charge of their own body and mind by converging science and technology and modern and ancient wellness concepts. With a catchy motto of Live Longer and Stay Younger, Vieroots provides personalised, holistic, lifestyle-management solutions which are scientific and based on evidence for enhancing physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial well-being of a person.

Mr Nair has covered a successful journey as a serial entrepreneur. He has created many successful ventures, like Bramma Learning Solutions, Bramma IT Solutions and Wellness Solutions, among others.

The Vieroots chief has proven himself in a diversity of domains, including wellness, information technology, direct selling, management consulting and hospitality, among others. Inspiring young minds with his motivational journey, Mr Nair is setting an example for them to fuel their passion and strive for success. He has also added another feather in his cap by establishing himself as the inventor of Thought Process Reengineering (TPR) and has conducted the much-acclaimed Rise Up conventions for rapid transformation in attitudes and beliefs.

He is also recognised as a noted bio-hacker and has a book to his credit too. Bio-hacking can be described as do-it-yourself biology. For many bio-hackers, this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in one’s health and well-being.

His latest book, The Making of a Superhuman, details much of the bio-hacking science and practice behind Vieroots’ Solutions. The book will soon hit the market and is anticipated to get the attention of youths.

An out-and-out team player, Mr Nair has been encouraging and empowering his team members to perform to the best of their abilities. He rightly believes that employees need to be given enough power and freedom to get the team to deliver to their fullest potential.

A staunch people’s man, the Vieroots chief believes that it is people who finally matter. People are your employees, your suppliers as well as your customers. So, maintaining good relationship with your people in business well help take your business to the next level.

Contributing to Vieroots and reaching new heights of success, Mr Nair has been an asset to the industry. In his free time, he has an inclination towards connecting with nature and likes to invest his energy in helping people achieve peak performance levels. In an engaging conversation with Sharmila Chand, Mr Nair talks about his management principles and practices that have helped his businesses grow and prosper.

What are your five management mantras?

• Innovation and creativity are the keys to growth.

• Stick to principles, as principles are timeless and strategies are timely.  

• Empower people, and create ‘entreployees’ (entrepreneurial employees).

• Leveraging is the essence of wealth creation.

• Transparency gives you peace of mind.

What is the turning point in your life related to your career?

I would say that the turning point in my career life was when I took a decision to quit my job and start a business.

What is the secret of your success?

It has to be building productive teams that are totally empowered.

What is your philosophy of work?

Show the vision, share the strategy, and support the team.

What would be the best advice that you have got?

Follow your consciousness.

What is your sounding board?

My conscience

What is your fitness regime? How do you keep yourself fit?

I exercise five days a week and do intermittent fasting for one day and go easy on one day.

What are your five mantras for success in business?

Being at the right time with the right people: I believe that in business, if you are not at the right time at the right place, how much ever hard you work, you will only struggle. Equally important is the kind of people you associate with. Right time, right place and right people definitely lead to a winning formula.

The why factor: When you start any business, you should have a strong ‘why’. Some people jump into business seeing the success of others. But if you don’t have a string why to get into a business, better not do it. Your success is not decided by the market; it is decided by you and the strength of the reason you have.

Have a vision: You should know where you are going. People, who have no idea about where they want to reach, end up nowhere. This is critical for leading a team, as people are ready to follow you; they want to know where you are going to take them. The strength of your strategy is purely based on the vision you have.

Gain first-hand knowledge: There are many start-ups which fail because the founders never go to the market and test their product or service. Never appoint a marketing manager without an entrepreneur himself having experienced the market response. For this, the entrepreneur himself should be the first salesman of the company.

Manage your finances well: The first person you should have on your payroll is an accountant. Many people start a business and also try to manage accounts by themselves, thinking that as the business grows, they would appoint an accountant. But I have seen many such entrepreneurs ending up in real trouble.

What message on management would you like to give to youngsters?

Do your best in whatever you do. Many youngsters waste their time in their profession or job, thinking that this was not something which they were supposed to do. What I have experienced in life is that whatever happens in your life, it is all a part of some plan. So, accept it without being judgemental.

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