SPIRITUAL CORNER - The Reality Of This World

Dadashri: The world is the puzzle itself. Christians, Muslims and Hindus all say that God is the creator of this world. They are correct by their viewpoints but incorrect in fact. If you want to know the facts, you will have to come to ‘us’. ‘We’ give you assurance and a guarantee that no one has created this world.

There is no one up there in the sky or the heavens, running this world. Only ‘We’ (the Gnani and the fully-enlightened Lord within) know how this world runs and who runs it. There is not a single parmanu (sub-atomic particle that cannot be further divided) in this universe that ‘We’ have not traversed through and experienced. From the vantage of both in and out of this universe, ‘We’ can tell you from all the viewpoints and perspectives, that there is no one up there running everything. ‘We’ will tell you how this world runs in one simple sentence. Later you may understand it in complete details. This world is run by only scientific circumstantial evidences; no individual entity is running it. Everyone and everything is merely instrumental in the process of its functioning; no one or thing controls it independently. Furthermore, God can never be the doer of anything. If God were the doer, then He would bind karma and therefore He would have to suffer the consequences of those karmas. If God too is subject to bondage of karma, then how can we call him God? Then what difference would there be between you and God?

Everything you hear is nothing but humbug! People act according to their own understanding. People think that there are no consequences for their actions, and so they continue with lies at will. This world is not haphazard by any means; the world is a fact, but it is a relative fact, and the Self is the real fact. When the Gnani Purush places you in the real fact, then it becomes your abode of freedom (muktidham).

People believe that this world is without any basis; they think they can enjoy themselves in any way they want and that no authority is going to question them. The fools! This world is not like that. ‘You are whole and sole responsible for yourself.’ You carry the burden of your previous life and responsibility of your future life. Make sure that you do not make even the slightest mistake. God does not interfere in this at all. Will you not have to understand this world? How long can you go on living and perpetuating this falsehood? Will you not have to solve this puzzle? How long will you go on being trapped in this entanglement?


Only Solution To Solve The Worldly Puzzle

The world is the puzzle itself. There are two viewpoints to solve this puzzle: one is a relative viewpoint, and the other is a real viewpoint. By relative viewpoint, you are Chandulal, and by real viewpoint you are a pure Soul (Shuddhatma). All your puzzles will be solved if you look at the world with these two viewpoints. This verily is the divine vision (divyachakshu). But you will not gain anything until Gnani Purush destroys the sins of your countless previous lives and gives you realisation of your real Self. Nothing can be attained without a living manifest enlightened being (pratyaksh pragat purush).

P.S.: When Dadashri says ‘We’, He is referring to the Gnani Purush and the fully-enlightened Lord within Him.

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