A Foodie & Techie Too: Harsha Parbat, Founder & CEO, AllFive

Food and travel are Harsha Parbat’s passions in life. No wonder then that the versatile founder and CEO of AllFive has turned these passions into her career. Her company Allfive is a discovery and booking platform that allows customers to locate unique artisanal food and travel experiences while enabling hosts to craft and serve them. With a master’s degree in Computer Science from California, US, Ms Parbat has built her career in the startup industry in the Silicon Valley over the last 15 years. A coder-turned-business head, she has helped over five companies build products from the ground up. In an enchanting chat with Sharmila Chand, Ms Parbat spells out that she is super passionate about finding real-world problems and building tech solutions for them.


How do you define yourself?

A ball of energy


What is your philosophy of life?

Find your purpose, and work towards it.


What is your passion in life?

Food and travel are my first love and my passion.


What is your management mantra?

Lead from the front.


What is your work philosophy?

Avoid burnouts.


A business leader you admire the most…

Steve Jobs – he is hands down one of the legends in the world of innovation.


You are a tough, serious boss or…

I am a boss who is your co-worker, your friend, but who also gets tough when needed.


How do you de-stress?

I meditate, I journal, I talk to my confidants, I exercise and sometimes just wander off because sitting with your thoughts and processing them helps a lot.


What is your fitness regime?

Doing 30-45 minutes of workouts four to five times a week


Your mantra for success…

There are going to be great days, and there are going to be bad days, but just keep moving forward however slow or fast. Don’t give up.


Your dream…

Building a successful startup where we can serve millions of people around the world


Ten years from now, where do we see you?
I see myself with a beautiful, healthy family of my own and as a leader of a startup that serves millions of people around the world. I also want to create a non-profit organisation for women empowerment.

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