Akram Science – A Completely New Approach!!!

The entire worldly life (sansar) is a result of misunderstanding. If I tell people to ‘have compassion, keep peace, and tell the truth’, they will say: ‘Only you can have compassion, we cannot.’ For thousands of years, the scriptures have sung the same tune: ‘Tell the truth, have compassion, be peaceful, and do not get angry.’ To this, people say: We want nothing more than to speak the truth, but we just cannot. We never want to get angry, but it happens anyway. So your scriptures are worthless to us. And so, they have just put away their ‘scriptural textbooks’ on the top shelf!

I intend to give the world a completely new ‘science’. To have compassion, to speak the truth, to be at peace, are all ‘effects’. People have the knowledge of ‘effects’, but no one has the knowledge about ‘causes’. That is ignorance. I would like to give you some clarification about ‘causes’. Anything that makes things ‘open to sky’ is called Gnan. Gnan should produce results (kriyakari; effective). And for it to be effective, the Gnan has to come from knowledge that comes from experience. Scriptural knowledge just leads to aimless wandering.

Any ‘relative’ religion should be one that procures results.

There is going to be a natural change in all the religions, and this Akram path will find such a simple path that everyone will find this dharma very easy to follow and reap instant benefits. What is dharma? It is that which produces results. Just as rice pudding satisfies hunger, when ‘we’ give you knowledge of the Self, it will give such an inner happiness that has never before been attained in any lifetime or in any time cycle. There may be external ashata (experience of pain; turmoil; uneasiness), but the shata (comfortable and pleasant) within will remain all the time. In the world people always have external shata (comfortable and pleasant), but no one has internal shata.

Our science says that we do not have problems with you stealing, or telling a lie, but do the pratikraman (apology) for it in this way. I would not tell a thief that he should not steal. I would tell him that he should understand the consequences of his act of stealing, and be mindful. All this stealing, telling lies and getting angry is done because it is mandatory (farajiyat) – it happens. On the contrary, if you admonish someone not to do something again, he will do it even more. In his mind, the thief will decide: ‘I will definitely steal. Who are you to tell me what to do?’ Therefore, explain things to him with love. All ‘diseases’ can be abolished through love. You will find it from the Gnani Purush or from His ‘followers’ (mahatmas).

You will need forgiveness (kshama) towards anger (krodh), natural frankness (rujuta) towards deceit (kapat) and tenderness (maardavata) towards pride (maan). Let anger occur, if it comes. If pride and greed happen, let them happen, but do pratikraman for them, and turn them around. When you do that, you are doing the highest dharmadhyan (virtuous meditation). This is a ‘lift’ marg (a speedy path to liberation). You can move faster ahead. From the moment you come into dharmadhyan (virtuous meditation), your interactions with the world will begin to appear immaculate.

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