SPIRITUAL CORNER - The True Understanding of Religion

Traditional worldly (laukik) religions give worldly happiness, and the real (alaukik; beyond the world) religion gives eternal bliss. All actions carried out in the presence of ignorance of the Self (mithyatva) materialise in the worldly life.

Religion that is beyond the world is not found in renunciation (tyaag) nor is it found in pleasure (bhoga). ‘That which is renounced will be met with ahead.’ One can accumulate as much burden as one can carry! True renunciation is that which helps get rid of artadhyan (adverse internal meditation that hurts the Self), and raudradhyan (adverse internal meditation that hurts the Self and others)!

That which protects you in your troubled times is religion (dharma)! At the time of artadhyan and raudradhyan, true religion will be ever present for our protection! For endless lifetimes, people have followed religion, but if they did not receive any protection in their time of need, how can one call this following a religion? If one experiences worries, then it can be said that one has not understood religion at all.

Whatever becomes religion and yields results is called religion. Whenever someone shouts abuse or curses, religion is there to help us! Religion yields results; whereas non-religion does not. One who maintains equanimity in times of trouble receives the stamp of approval to attain liberation (moksha).

One does not have to ‘follow’ (ritualised activity) religion; one has to remain sincere to religion (dharma). While doing the Lord’s darshan in a temple, if at the time the person ‘sees’ (thinks about) his shoes that he left at the entrance or thinks about his shop, how can he be considered sincere? True religion is one that gives one freedom from all types of pain.


Dharma in One’s Conduct

The Lord does not look at the conduct (activity of mind, speech and body), but He does give significance to the intent (bhaav). Conduct (aacharan) is “discharge” karma, and the “charge” (of new karma) happens according to the intent behind the action.

The constant contemplation of ‘Life as a human should not go in vain’ will someday bear fruit. To be free from conflict is the greatest religion. There is no religion where there are clashes, and there are no clashes where there is religion.

Show kindness (daya), remain peaceful (shanti), remain in equanimity (samata). These dictates of religions are futile in these current times. What can be done when they cannot be observed even after millions of attempts? That is why the Gnani Purush shows us a new path in a new form; one that is attainable even by the common person.

When anger, pride, deceit and greed (kashays) happen, it is not a problem, but one should do repentance (pratikraman) for them. If you commit a theft, it is not a problem, but you must do pratikraman for it. If you just abide this one Agna (special directive) of the Gnani, you will attain the essence of all religions. There is no other higher religion than to please the Gnani. Nothing else pleases the Gnani more than if you follow his Agnas! Only the Gnani’s Agnas can take one to the ultimate moksha!

Knowledge itself brings action. As soon as the knowledge that ‘It is fun to steal’ becomes instilled, one will begin to steal. The action always changes as the knowledge changes! Without changing the knowledge, the actions will never change even after millions of lifetimes!

For knowledge of ignorance (worldly knowledge), the energies are easily facilitated by the pudgal (body or non-Self complex). This energy is easily wasted in theft, violence and carnal pleasure. However, for the attainment of Gnan (knowledge of the Self), prayer and independent efforts are necessary! Prayer means asking for the higher meaning of it all, and one can ask for this from one’s own Self or from the Gnani. In the ‘ignorant’ stage (when one has not attained Self-realisation), one can pray to one’s guru, an image of God, or one’s favourite deity. A true prayer done by a person with a pure heart will always be successful.

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