Spiritual Corner: You create obstacles for everything by yourself and you only can remove them

Questioner: The worldly life is such that there is nothing but obstacles (antaray) in it.

Dadashri: You are a Parmatma (the absolute Self), but you do not reap the full benefit of your position. That is because there are nothing but obstacles. An obstacle is created the moment you say, ‘I am Chandubhai. (reader should take his name)’ This is because God (the Self within) says, “Are you calling me Chandu?” Although you may have said it in ignorance, even then an obstacle is created. If you were to unknowingly put your hand into a fire, would you be spared the effects?

The Parmatma is sitting within you. There is infinite energy within at your disposal. But however many obstacles you create, that much energy gets concealed. Whenever you desire something, an obstacle arises. An obstacle arises towards whatever you desire. Do you have a desire for air? That is why obstacle for air does not arise. But there is some desire for water which is why obstacles arise for it.

The Gnani Purush does not have a desire for anything and that is why he is in an obstacle-free (nirantaray) state. Everything comes spontaneously and naturally to him. The Gnani does not lack nor desire anything. You are Parmatma if your beggarly desires go away. Through beggary comes bondage.

You create obstacles for everything by yourself. Whatever you have brought with you in your ‘receptacle of intellect’ (buddhi no ashaya), you will receive even without desiring it, provided there are no obstacles against it. There is everything in this world, but why do these things not come to you? It is because your obstacles are hindering you.


Questioner: How do these obstacles happen?

Dadashri: If this man is giving out some snacks to someone and you say, “Why don’t you leave it, it will only go to waste,” you can say that an obstacle has been created. When someone is donating some money and you say to him, “Why are you giving him money? He is likely to squander it away,” and so you create an obstacle towards charity. Then, regardless of whether or not that person gives the money, you still created an obstacle. Then, when you encounter difficult times, there will be no one there to help you.


Questioner: What if the obstacles were not created through speech, but through the mind?

Dadashri: The effect of spoken words is realized in this life, and those drawn by the mind will come into effect in the next life. So all these obstacles have been created by one’s own self; otherwise, is there anything that the Self does not have? Everything in the world is ready, and waiting for it. “Can we come, can we come?” they are asking. However, it is the obstacles that tell them, “No, you cannot come.” So the obstacles do not allow them to come to you.


Questioner: So we should stay vigilant (jagruti) that no negative thoughts arise.

Dadashri: That cannot be possible. Negative thoughts will not stop coming. You have to erase them, that is your job. You have the thought, ‘he should not be giving it to him,’ but the Gnan (knowledge) springs up to remind you that you are creating obstacles. So you must quickly erase it. If one did not have Gnan, what would one do? If you ask him, ‘Why were you thinking that way?’ and he will say, “What do you know? I have to think that way,” moreover, he doubles the damage. What can a crazy ego not do? He is shooting himself in the foot. We however, can erase all this. When you repent (do prashchyataap) in your mind, ask for forgiveness (pratikraman), and vow never to speak that way again (pratyakhyan), you can erase it. You can make changes to a letter before you mail it. And if you start thinking that it is good to give donations, then the previous (negative thought) one gets erased.

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