Messenger Of Wellness - Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Founder & MD, URLife

Healthcare is a passion with Upasana Kamineni Konidela. Hailing from an illustrious family of healthcare professionals – Ms Konidela is granddaughter of Apollo Hospitals founder and Chairman Prathap C Reddy – she swears by wellness. A next-generation entrepreneur, Ms Konidela is founder and managing director of URLife – a wellness and healthcare company that helps people manage their well-being harmoniously and increase their productivity. An International Business Marketing & Management graduate from Regent’s University, London, she is also vice-chairperson of CSR Apollo Foundation. A well-being curator, sustainability activist, animal conservationist and philanthropist, Ms Konidela is married to Telugu actor Ram Charan. In an engaging chat with Sharmila Chand, Ms Konidela talks about herself, her life’s goals and interests.


How do you define yourself?

A happy person spreading happiness and a caring person providing timely care, health and well-being


What is your philosophy of life?

Be the best version of yourself.


What is your passion in life?



What is your management mantra?

You are here for a reason. Make it count. Shine because you are worth it.


What would you like to say about your work?

My work is my purpose of life. I am here to serve.


What is your work philosophy?

Serve with humility and empathy.


A business Leader you admire the most...

My grandfather – Dr Prathap C Reddy


Your source of inspiration...

Oprah Winfrey, my mom and her three sisters


You are a tough, serious boss or…

I am a boss who will help you shine and grow for yourself and add value to the people you serve.


What do you enjoy the most in life, generally?

Relaxing – It has become very tough for me in the past three years. I am making a conscious effort to do so.


How do you de-stress?

This is a tough one. I de-stress by writing my achievements for the day and feel that I have been productive according to my daily goal.


What is your fitness regime in life?

A 60-minute, outdoor walk three to five times a week – This is more for my mental condition than anything else.


Your mantra for success...

Don’t lose hope. Keep trying. Everyone makes it. It’s just the lens that needs to be changed.


Your dream...

To build a well-being unicorn for the betterment of society


Ten years from now, where do we see you?

In a space that’s ethical for the mind and the planet.


Give us three lessons that you have learnt in life as an entrepreneur...

1. Daily goals are super important to simplify life.

2. Gratitude is the key to success.

3. The innovation bulb has to be on to keep the mind sharp.

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