Avaada signs green ammonia offtake MoU with Mysore Ammonia

The Avaada Group, a leading sand-to-molecule company, has announced the signing of an MoU with Mysore Ammonia, a prominent ammonia distributor and trader in India. This strategic partnership signifies a significant advancement in supply of green ammonia, aimed at supporting various industries in their transition to sustainable energy sources.
Mysore Ammonia, headquartered in Mumbai, boasts of a robust supply chain that includes midstream storage and transportation, effectively serving a wide array of customers across different sectors. The collaboration with Avaada is set to enhance the availability of green ammonia, a key component in the global push towards cleaner energy.
The MoU was officially signed between Avaada Green Fuels, a subsidiary of the Avaada Group, and Mysore Ammonia and Chemicals at Avaada’s headquarters in Mumbai. The agreement outlines a long-term supply contract for green ammonia, targeting an intended volume of 1,00,000 tonnes per year.
The signing ceremony was attended by dignitaries, including Vineet Mittal, the chairman of the Avaada Group; Nitin Chabria, the managing director of Mysore Ammonia and Chemicals;. Narinder Goyal, the president of New Initiatives/Ammonia Business at Avaada; and Mr. Jitendra Singh, the assistant vice-president of New Initiatives/Ammonia Business at Avaada, along with other senior officials.
Commenting on the MoU, Vineet Mittal said: “The signing of this MoU with Mysore Ammonia is a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable energy solutions. It underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing the production of green fuels like green ammonia in India, which is crucial for driving the transition towards a low-carbon economy.”
The partnership comes on the heels of Avaada'’ announcement in September last year regarding its plans to establish a green hydrogen and green ammonia manufacturing facility with a capacity of 0.5 MTPA at Tata Steel SEZ Industrial Park in Gopalpur, Odisha.

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