UP signifies Unlimited Potential, State neither lacks manpower nor willpower: CM Yogi

During the GBC 4.0, organised at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow, the chief minister expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for gracing the State with his presence to inaugurate the fourth edition of the ground-breaking ceremony. He also extended a warm welcome to investors and entrepreneurs gathered at the event.

Mr Adityanath emphasised the sacredness of the land, noting its association with Lord Shri Ram, Gopeshwar Shri Krishna and Baba Vishwanath. He remarked: “This land is blessed by sages and saints and has received the divine blessings of rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Sarayu. It is a land of virtue as well as enterprise and entrepreneurship. Today, Uttar Pradesh is on the path to transforming India’s labour force into an economic powerhouse.”

Asserting that over the past decade, the country had ascended from being the 11th largest economy to the fifth-largest, the chief minister confidently declared: “There is no doubt that India, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, will ascend to the position of the third-largest economy in the world. This is Modiji ki guarantee, and Uttar Pradesh firmly believes in it.”

He added: “Aligned with this vision, Uttar Pradesh has set an ambitious goal of becoming a $1-trillion economy. To achieve this, the State is focusing on enhancing skill development, scaling up industries and accelerating growth.” The chief minister expressed confidence that with continued support of entrepreneurs, this goal would undoubtedly be realised.

Praising Mr Modi for the historic consecration of Lord Shri Ram Lalla in Ayodhya after a five-century wait and for establishing the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, the chief minister extended warm greetings and congratulations to all attendees at the grand event of the GBC 4.0 in Uttar Pradesh, “the blessed land of prakrati (nature), parmatma (God) and pratibha (talent).”

He further reflected: It is our collective fortune that we find ourselves witnessing and participating in this historic era as India enters its Amritkaal. We are privileged to have the able guidance and leadership of Mr Modi as the saarathi (charioteer) of India’s Amritkaal.”

Mr Adityanath continued by saying: “During the first Global Investors Summit of 2018 in Lucknow, the prime minister had said that UP had values and virtues, but in these changed times, there is a greater need for value addition. Not only in work culture or business culture but there is also a pressing need for value addition across all domains of strength in Uttar Pradesh.”

Expressing satisfaction, he highlighted that Uttar Pradesh had embraced these words and formulated its policies accordingly, leading to the organisation of the GBC 4.0 within a span of just six years.

Highlighting the success of the Global Investors Summit held from February 10 to 12, 2023, the chief minister emphasised the unwavering confidence displayed by both national and international industries in Uttar Pradesh. This confidence, he noted, stemmed from their trust in the State’s policies and potential.

He added that Uttar Pradesh had garnered investment proposals worth an impressive Rs 40 lakh crore to date. “Today marks a celebration as these investment proposals are being translated into reality. Today, the bhoomi pujan of projects worth more than Rs 10 lakh crore are going to be completed with the blessings of the prime minister.”

The chief minister emphasised that the new Uttar Pradesh, as the growth engine of the country, was transitioning from being Uttam Pradesh to becoming a Udyam Pradesh, in order to evolve into a Viksit Pradesh in alignment with the resolve of a Viksit Bharat.

He said: “This transformation, this change, this speed is the new identity of Viksit Uttar Pradesh of Viksit Bharat.”

Reflecting on the State’s development journey, Mr Adityanath noted a significant shift from the past, where Uttar Pradesh was perceived with apprehension before 2014 and 2017. Today, however, the State has embraced its talent and unlimited potential, becoming synonymous with security, good governance and development.

Highlighting Uttar Pradesh’s infrastructure achievements, the chief minister mentioned that 55 per cent of the country’s expressways were located in the State, alongside boasting the largest rail and road networks. The junction of the Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors is also in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is also the State with the highest number of airports.

He expressed readiness to ensure a seamless experience for visitors attending the upcoming Prayagraj Mahakumbh with the completion of projects like the Ganga Expressway.

The chief minister emphasised that Uttar Pradesh now boasts of excellent connectivity through water, land and air. He highlighted the abundance of both manpower and willpower in the State, attributing the increased investors’ interest to initiatives such as the Ease of Doing Business framework, Nivesh Mitra Portal, Nivesh Sarathi Portal, Incentive Monitoring System and the State's investment-friendly policies. He underscored the importance of accountability and transparency for every individual involved.

Furthermore, he stated that Uttar Pradesh respected every investor. “Now, people have started saying that surakshit nivesh matlab Uttar Pradesh (safe investment means Uttar Pradesh).”

On this occasion, along with Mr, UP Governor Anandiben Patel, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, Brajesh Pathak, Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana, Legislative Council Chairman Kunwar Manvendra Singh, BJP State President Chaudhary Bhupendra Singh, ambassadors and , high commissioners of various countries, Union Cabinet ministers, government and administration officials, eminent investors and entrepreneurs were present.

Speaking on the occasion, Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Minister Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’ extended a warm welcome to all guests, visitors and investors, including the prime minister, at the inauguration of GBC 4.0. He described the day as a momentous occasion for Uttar Pradesh, “marking the dawn of a new era in industrial development”.

“In Uttar Pradesh’s industrial development journey, we are all currently experiencing a historic opportunity. This is the fourth groundbreaking ceremony of UP, which will contribute to the future generation’s bright and golden future. Under the guidance of Mr Modi and the leadership of Mr Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the growth engine of the country,” he said.

Mr Nandi highlighted that the government operated on two pivotal wheels, accelerating Uttar Pradesh’s development journey. One wheel represented development, while the other one represents heritage.

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