Getting The Pricing Right: Vijeta Soni, Co-Founder & CEO, Sciative Solutions

Vijeta Soni is very passionate about getting the pricing of everything right. So, in 2015, Ms Soni and a group of like-minded people came together and set up Sciative Solutions. Using artificial intelligence and high-technology, the Vashi, Navi Mumbai-headquartered company has created a pricing software which discovers the right price for every product, every market, every customer and every single transaction.

Ms Soni, the co-founder and CEO of Sciative Solutions, is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and the University of Houston, Texas. She is also a proud member of Goldman Sachs 10K Women Entrepreneurs. With over 16 years of experience in digital transformation and technology adoption, Ms Soni has worked with a wide range of companies, including, Reliance Industries, Jio Institute and many others. In an engaging conversation with Sharmila Chand, Ms Soni speaks about herself, her interests and her work.


How do you define yourself?

An honest world citizen and proud Indian who wants to make a positive impact across industries and societies


What is your philosophy of life?

My philosophy resonates with Stephen R Covey’s quote: “Live, Love, Learn, and Leave a Legacy.


What is your passion in life?

Passionate about continuous learning


What is your management mantra? 

Take time, but build the right team for long-run success.


A business leader you admire the most...

I have had the privilege to work with Mukeshbhai Ambani. I am highly touched by his sheer passion for positively impacting for the larger good of society and the nation.


Your source of inspiration...

My parents inspire me because they defy age. Post-retirement, they followed their passion and become Youtubers. I am also inspired by my mother-in-law, who went against the status quo.


You are a tough, serious boss or…?

Different situations call for different sorts of leadership.


What do you enjoy the most in life generally?

Challenges and risks


How do you de-stress?

Reading, playing a game of Wordle or chess with my son and having long walks with my husband


Your mantra for success...

Be honest, be futuristic, and keep yourself intelligent!


Ten years from now, where do we see you?

Pricing space travel


Can you define yourself in one sentence?

A woman in tech, a mother, an entrepreneur and a curious soul at heart!

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